About Tetrane

Reverse-engineering process automation
REVEN-Axion helps analyzing executable binaries by reproducing and automating part of the reverse engineering methodology. Much like an MRI would, REVEN-Axion provides an unprecedented amount of details about the workings of a software, works in a truly non-intrusive manner and does not require source-code access.

Symbolic execution of software
The lowest layers of a piece of software are, by design, ignored by source-code analysis, and as such are of high interest to hackers. REVEN-Axion automates what is still a very tedious process, and helps significantly save time when analyzing binaries: it runs a software along with the whole machine context on its own symbolic CPU and performs its analysis process at the same time, almost at a hardware level - which helps gain a better understanding of those sensitive software layers.

Reliability and advanced security
REVEN-Axion's target audience is composed of reverse-engineering experts: analysts of malware or hostile binary analysts, zero-days exploits, or any software without source code.

REVEN-Axion is a collaborative solution, just like any other REVEN® technology. Multiple engineers can work together and analyze a same project, share notes and results, etc.

The product's online documentation is available, especially:
This website is still partially under construction, but the R&D team started publishing articles about REVEN® (and in particular about REVEN-Axion) on our blog. You can also find a first video that skims over the capabilities of REVEN-Axion:


REVEN-Impact is still under development, but will extend the binary analysis and bug finding capabilities of the REVEN® technology to reach critical or sensitive software developers themselves.

Reducing development costs
Q&A is a large part of a software development global cost. Using REVEN-Impact will help reducing time spent in Q&A phase, cutting its costs and accelerating the time-to-market milestone.

Detecting bugs early
Moreover, testing beyond the sole software's source code during the entire software life cycle allows the developer to correct bugs as early as possible and thus implies further reduced development costs.

Bring reliability and security one step higher
Finally, REVEN® technology will analyze a software binary down to its lowest layers, pushing reliability and security up to levels that are unmatched by any other traditional Q&A software, and ultimately strengthening customer trust.

IDE Integration
TETRANE's tool will be connected to most common software development environments or suites, as well as bug tracking interfaces.