Frédéric Marmond
Founder and owner - CEO/CTO

Frédéric is an expert in sensitive software development with monetary, military or industrial applications.

During his 12-year experience as a consultant or as a start-up employee, he felt the lack of suitable automation tools and started building his own. When he realized those could be leveraged into proper software solutions, he decided to take action and in 2011 founded TETRANE.

Frédéric is TETRANE CEO and CTO.

Merging product vision and business development, Frédéric attends many conferences and events worldwide and is always happy to learn from his peers and share his own experience.

Benoit Brodard
Program Manager

Benoit brings more than 20 years experience in various fields of software development, cybersecurity and research and innovation. He graduated from Ecole Centrale de Lyon in France and from The Pennsylvania State University with a MsC in the US.

For almost 10 years, Benoit held operational and management positions at Arkoon Network Security (now Stormshield), structuring R&D processes, completing the first Common Criteria EAL2+ certification project of a firewall in France, then managing key R&D projects for the company. He contributed to team building and product development through Agile methodologies.

Before joining Tetrane, Benoit worked at ACIES, where he advised from small and medium enterprises to large multinational corporations about financing their research and innovation projects.

Benoit now manages Tetrane's R&D programs, interfacing the highly skilled R&D team with all other stakeholders, for the purpose of developing a great product for customers.

The R&D and software security team

TETRANE's engineers may come from different schools and professional background, they still have something fundamental in common: solid skills in C++ development, software architecture and reverse-engineering. Each team member has been selected on both technical and human criteria and adheres to our values.



TETRANE’s mission is to shorten the time required for the understanding and the handling of software bugs and malware, and thus bring a crucial competitive advantage to her customers.


Innovation is the key of our success.
Breakthrough innovation implies taking risks, we imagine and explore new technologies areas.
We promote change. We are confident of our ability to shape the future.
The only real failure is the refusal to try.

Integrity / trust

We operate in sensitive environments, our work contributes to the safety of goods and people, which sometimes implies staying away from limelight.
We earn the trust of our customers through the quality of our products, we keep it through our loyalty to them. We ensure that our customers share our ethical and moral values.


We strive to exceed our customers' expectations, we want them to succeed.
The work is serious, our passion makes it fun.


We work with the best teams of experts around the world, we strive to be worthy.


The team is our strength, everyone matters and contributes. We all learn from each other, we value individual skills at the service of the team.



As a freelance specialized in Software Engineering (software optimizations, debugging, security and reliability), Frederic created tools that helped him in his missions. He decided in 2011 to focus on developing the tools.
TETRANE is born from a market need, and even now, the company DNA is still strongly tied to its internal R&D and software editor culture.

Early years

The company's technology, REVEN, was very quickly spotted as a breakthrough technology and TETRANE was honored to receive funding from several R&D organizations from France and Europe innovation ecosystem. Those funds allowed the company to focus on the product development without having to rely on services to live.

Commercial grow

As early as 2014, first commercial versions of the product were used by expert reverse-engineering teams from the Defense sector. Mainly thanks to word-of-mouth, new clients arrived and since 2016 REVEN is used by major clients in 4 continents. TETRANE choose to speed-up its grows and signed a first fund-raising in 2015. In 2017, TETRANE opens its commercial offer to civilian companies worldwide.


82-86 rue Victor Hugo
71000 MÂCON

Phone: +33 339 250 045
Email: contact (at) tetrane (dot) com
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